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Why are campaigns dialing absentee voters NOW?
Duh! Old people (read "AV voters"), are:

1. More Likely to have a land line 
2. More likely to answer the phone 
3. Less likely to have heard from any other candidate 30 days out and are thus
4. More receptive to your message

Besides being the largest Michigan-based political robodialer, and our track-record of success with hundreds of candidates and organizations at all levels, we are distinguished in providing the following:

1. Personalized expert advice and sound file editing
2. Local Caller ID's for your use- or use your own
3. Email database 48 hour turnaround
4. Use of hard lines, not shaky and low-quality VOIP lines.
5. Free second attempt to voters not reached on the first attempt
6. Detailed call reporting and list cleaning
7. Excellent customer service and availability
8. Price Match Guarantee- we will meet or beat ANYONE